UPS & Generator Supply

From simple rack-mounted Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) to large complex backup power generation solutions, Somerville knows power protection and redundancy.

At Somerville, we develop products and solutions that meet our customers? needs.  Our protected power and backup power solutions provide high reliability and resilience to our customer data centres, computer rooms and wiring closets.

Applications that require higher levels of protection from not only power outages but also subtle disturbances such as EMI/RFI noise, harmonics and voltage oscillations caused by network equipment include:

  • Corporate intranets and extranets with real-time interactive functions common to data-sharing systems,
  • Websites with real-time interaction and/or e-commerce capabilities,
  • Networks which access or distribute multimedia from a database,
  • Networks that integrate voice, data and video, such as those supporting a call centre with real-time data access,
  • IP telephony systems.

Mission critical systems that should be connected to a UPS include:

  • Servers supporting real-time data delivery (either internally or to customers via the web),
  • Controlling servers that manage multiple server activities or loads,
  • Switches that manage data communications between and among server stacks or gateways,
  • Routers that handle any form of mission critical traffic,
  • Any server that sits at a gateway of interaction between systems, such as a password or ID authentication server,
  • All switching in IP Voice Solutions.

With extended runtimes and higher density loads, supplemental batteries or a generator may be necessary.  Somerville can assist with the analysis required to make an informed decision regarding the need for a generator.